546 Tattoo Studio - Guinness World Record
546 Tattoo Studio - 53 Benedict Ave. Norwalk, OH        567.424.6200
 *On April 15th Robin H.M. sat down and picked up her tattoo machine with Jeff Garton in her chair to break the World Record for the "Longest Tattoo Session on One Person". 48.26 hours later, on April 17th, she stopped tattooing... BREAKING THE RECORD!!! In front of countless witnesses, reporters, and news crews. The record was approved and made official by "Guinness World Records".  

  "I am gearing up right now for the toughest moment of my career. On April 15, 2011 through April 17, 2011 I am going for the Guinness World Record of  "Longest Tattoo Session on One Person". It's considered a marathon. The record to beat is 48.15 hours. I am dedicating the attempt to raise awareness of a "Cancer Cluster" that is directly affecting the area of Ohio we are in. Children are the primary target of this ugly disease. No one knows what is causing it, but something has to be done about it. These people, these families, these children that have been, are, or will be affected by this need answers and a solution".~ Robin H.M. (one week before the record attempt)

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