546 Tattoo Studio - Amber Joy (Tattoo Artist)
546 Tattoo Studio - 53 Benedict Ave. Norwalk, OH        567.424.6200
Amber Joy
            My name is Amber, and I studied and learned the art of tattooing under world renown artist Robin H.M.
I love tattooing  and its become more of a way of life.  Every day is different and its never a dull moment. Its amazing to hear stories and seeing new people . I consider myself lucky to be in the tattoo world.
  I enjoy doing every style of tattooing but I specialize in surreal-like portraits or anything realistic. 
           I have a very strong art background, I've won tons of awards for my paintings and also have won scholarships for college to study in fine art. I went to college for a few years studying art history and every medium until I decided that paper wasn't enough to paint on.  So I came to 546 and found that there is something beautiful in transferring art onto human canvas and it's been history since then. 
You can find me on Facebook  at AmberJoyTattooing
Tattoo of Heath Ledger as the Joker  Buddha face Tattoobutterfly skull tattoo
Wizard of oz lion tattooSalvador Dali Portrait TattooBride of Frankenstein Tattoo
cherry blossom Salvador Dali Replica Tattoo baby rework tattoo

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